Quotations From The People's Ensemble

by The People's Ensemble



This is the debut album of The People's Ensemble.


released May 21, 2017

Produced, Mixed and Edited by Greyson Davison.

All Music Written by Greyson Davison & Gumbo Johnson except where noted.

Arranged by Greyson Davison and Austin Covell.

The recordings featured on this album span from September 2010-May 2017.


Greyson Davison (guitar, drums, bass, vocals, alto saxophone, piano)
Gumbo Johnson (vocals, disappointment that NATION didn't drop)
Dave Allen (bass, vocals, undying loyalty even at McGann's)
Austin Covell (drums, tenor and alto saxophone, Bb clarinet, Floridian charm)
Serena Feingold (vocals, maternal demeanor)
Bella Steele (drums before she went to Canada for the weekend)
Matt Merolla (bass, Mr. Lemon connoisseur)
Chris Carlone (guitar, flag leaning)
Devin Venditelli (drums, person none too happy to be associated with this record)
Eric Spencer (trumpet)
Nick Janowicz (trashcan and snare drum)
Sam Bouvé (bass)

Ryan Santana (voice)
Allesio D’Andrea (voice)
Tommy Koehne (voice)
Adam Chouinard (voice)
Alda Raposo (voice)
Susana Rebello (voice)



all rights reserved


The People's Ensemble Boston, Massachusetts

The People's Ensemble is a musical group deeply committed to the causes of equality, autonomy, and liberation. We believe in the principles of libertarian socialism, and seek to work for a better tomorrow.

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Track Name: Youth In Coachella
Hello, you big beautiful audience!
I'm Grubo with The People's Ensemble
...dreamt my whole life of being up here on this stage
to perform for you, so get on the edge of your seats 'cause we're about to have a lot of fun playing a little rock 'n' roll. We got a little pop, we got a little bit of this and that, sugar and salt, so uh...yeah...uh...thanks for coming out!

I'd like to save the world
From guns and GMO's
Wearing a discount shirt
I'll read Das Kapital
I heard that it's hip
Protesting in the streets
I've got my cardboard sign
Youthful regalia
I'm in the picket line
'Till I need a job

Liberal Utopia coming to save us all
Trotsky to Lenin to Pol Pot to Chairman Mao

I don't know just quite what to say
I'm not a leftist
But I feel the...
I just want free stuff!
I can't help that i'm uninformed
I just know Trump is bad
I can't spell "xenophobia"

Maybe we could live in a world where people think in groups together
Thinking for yourself is hard and protests in the streets look better

People and flowers and very nice things
Liberal Utopia saving me

I may sound kinda dumb
I just want my weed for free
And my college degree

Basking in the sunshine
Down on the campus we're protesting
Go Bernie Sanders, he'll give us free things

I don't really know what he does
I know that he's old
And the rallies I go to are cool
Basking in the sunshine

My lune, mid-summer afternoon
Dropout, no use in school
Go find a job from 9 to 5
Find how hard it is to survive
One day you'll see a friend in need
And take their cash and flee

(vocal melody on peripheral speakers)
And there we were
Singing songs holding hands
Out in the streets
With our hip regalia
With pickets signs
Slavoj Zizek in quotes
A hopeless world
'Cause the Whole Foods is closed
Goodbye, Jill Stein
The revolution is dead

(center vocal melody)
So long, the fun is gone
So much for Jacques Lacan
I need something to eat
Not chic philosophy
Goodbye, Jill Stein
The revolution is dead
Track Name: Something About Whales
Restoration keeps them respirating
Waiting 'till the grave is urgent
Double sided page turner
Double sided blade murder
Worthless words and food for thought
Standing in lines and stanzas
Get to kicking them when glued inside the mental piece
Signing checks and wrecking rentals leased for the season
With tendency suspecting treasonous methods and grief and obsession
Get to speaking a blessing if just to breathe for a second
Leave this ink to dry
Love and let it rust
Compassionate capital kept in touch with
Leftist torches extra sources get to morphing
Vanity and morpheus on the brain
Track Name: Make An Atmosphere
today my gramps passed away
half past six same direction which my cigarette hang
doctor says he slipped and split eleven ribs in his cage
so i ain't fucking ducking stomach pains the feeling is strange
like time wrinkles though benign wrinkles was filling his face
face a spliff and chase with liquor in my live it up ways
muttering that in the gutter's where my sentences will stay
for several full days
i hate the sentiments i never felt until too late
Track Name: In Memoriam
Do we need God for a better world?
Ethicisy*, for Simplicity?
In the complex of the desires
Of humanity
Love, what is love without equality?
Without a tenderly placed embrace on the lips
A lover's sanity
In tandem
At random
With another
Human other
For the human race, in memoriam
In the emporium of dignity and grace
We need a better world
Detangled and unfurled
Of greed, poverty, and hate
I love you, humankind
I love you, human I

*Ethicisy is a fictional word devised for the rhyme structure of this piece, it's meaning is analogous with "ethicality"
Track Name: Where Did The Rhombuses Go
Where did the rhombuses go?
In a cool band on the radio
Interview after the show
Leaving the station and heading home
No I, I don't mind

Feelin' you're wasting your time
You're ineffectual, don't know why
Love songs are written in vein
Never to hear your voice again
No I, I don't mind
To find
Track Name: "I Like People Who Weren't Captured"
But I feel it's been a while now
We should be wilding out and smiling proud through a childish mouth
But my brain in the basement of the same station it came in
When this favorite vision strayed from its placement
And that's okay with you ain't it
I hope your face is still smiling and I don't need a replacement
Cope with feelings of being jaded and anxious
Till I'm faded and wasted
Tasting anguish flavored with how much I've needed you lately

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Here we go!"
Track Name: On The Origin Of Not Getting Paid By Shady Dive Bars, Or The Uber Ride Home In Which Almost Everyone Quits The Band
"Can I be SkyNet?"
"Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet!"

"Okay, I'm not gonna say 9/11 was an inside job, but..."
"Jet fuel cannot melt through fuckin' steel beams"
"You mean Jeb Bush can't melt steel beams"
"Jeb Bush can't melt steel beams, ha ha ha."
Track Name: Ennui in Three
"Aw, that little boy outside was looking inside the window!"
"They don't know..."
Track Name: I Wanna Be (In Monogamy)
I wanna be in monogamy
With you in the morning sun
You'll keep me warm
Safe from the storm
And I, I'm in love with you

All I need was a friend to treat me kind
But you're romantic ways left me inclined
To think you'd never wanna be apart
But that's okay with me

I wanna be in monogamy
With you, 'till the end of time
You will be mind until we die
And I, I'm in love with you
Track Name: Welcome to America!
Welcome to America!
The land of the used and destitute
Free market shares and capital implore us
Take the oil from the Arabs!
Bomb the Syrians!
Mexico's next, we've got the troops on stand by
We, ordained by God
Selling the ultimate fraud
Human rights are over rated but we're real friendly

Oh my jobs so hard
Why do they hate I should have been a bus driver
Nique la police nique la police
Feeling hot getting hot and hard from riding a shiny blue motorcycle Around cambridge
Nique la police absent of merit yup badge swinging terrorist
Fronting for their arrest air this laundry from terraces
Nique la police over a right to eat and a right to sleep
Track Name: Paean
Industry is bound to history
We aim to see a new reality
Empathy entwined
With all human rights
Equity redefined
For all human kind
Track Name: Psychosoma
Off the harvard harvested
This arsonist is harnessed in
To linguistic spit sinister
Finishing lit swishers in minutes
A slick riddler slips syllables
Into this pit of unfillables
Skillet in which rhythm is grilling
Killing these kids
So I'll bump the dutch to the light
And let the blunts breathe
What speed are you kids playing with
What BPM are you kids playing with
ADHD and MXE can lead to seeing satanist
Visions in which a schism's got the world split
And you don't know which fucking religion will get you up there
And mentioned so I've been ducking and dipping
And searching for a secret hideaway
I found it in the light of day where my mind can play
In circles like a pendulum burning herbal and break out the earl
Turn it in a swirl then you're done
And the letters run off the page with fine print
Sold it for plays need be reminded there's lions
Roaring up from the underground speak in silences
That sounds like a thunder cloud
One hundred ounces in the boxes of legos
Sounds like green bricks if you've gotten the memo
All my friends spit hotter than the top of a kettle
Track Name: Blue Skies
This is America
Oh no
Home of the free and brave
No hope
Goodbye, Blue Skies
No reason to buy you
Track Name: Ashira L'Adonai
Ashira l'adonai ki gaoh gaah
Ashira l'adonai ki gaoh gaah
My khamokha ba'elim Adonai
Mi khamokha ne'dar baqodesh
Nah'ita veh'adesha 'am-zu ga-alta
Nah'ita veh'adesha 'am-zu ga-alta
Ashira, Ashira, Ashira