A ten minute suite which lays out a critique of young people who supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election (as opposed to Bernie Sanders himself or his campaign).


Hello, you big beautiful audience!
I'm Grubo with The People's Ensemble
...dreamt my whole life of being up here on this stage
to perform for you, so get on the edge of your seats 'cause we're about to have a lot of fun playing a little rock 'n' roll. We got a little pop, we got a little bit of this and that, sugar and salt, so uh...yeah...uh...thanks for coming out!

I'd like to save the world
From guns and GMO's
Wearing a discount shirt
I'll read Das Kapital
I heard that it's hip
Protesting in the streets
I've got my cardboard sign
Youthful regalia
I'm in the picket line
'Till I need a job

Liberal Utopia coming to save us all
Trotsky to Lenin to Pol Pot to Chairman Mao

I don't know just quite what to say
I'm not a leftist
But I feel the...
I just want free stuff!
I can't help that i'm uninformed
I just know Trump is bad
I can't spell "xenophobia"

Maybe we could live in a world where people think in groups together
Thinking for yourself is hard and protests in the streets look better

People and flowers and very nice things
Liberal Utopia saving me

I may sound kinda dumb
I just want my weed for free
And my college degree

Basking in the sunshine
Down on the campus we're protesting
Go Bernie Sanders, he'll give us free things

I don't really know what he does
I know that he's old
And the rallies I go to are cool
Basking in the sunshine

My lune, mid-summer afternoon
Dropout, no use in school
Go find a job from 9 to 5
Find how hard it is to survive
One day you'll see a friend in need
And take their cash and flee

(vocal melody on peripheral speakers)
And there we were
Singing songs holding hands
Out in the streets
With our hip regalia
With pickets signs
Slavoj Zizek in quotes
A hopeless world
'Cause the Whole Foods is closed
Goodbye, Jill Stein
The revolution is dead

(center vocal melody)
So long, the fun is gone
So much for Jacques Lacan
I need something to eat
Not chic philosophy
Goodbye, Jill Stein
The revolution is dead


from Quotations From The People's Ensemble, released May 21, 2017
Greyson Davison - guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals, auxillary percussion
Gumbo Johnson - vocals
Austin Covell - drums, vocals
Arthur Doran - piano
Ben Budway - Bb clarinet



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The People's Ensemble Boston, Massachusetts

The People's Ensemble is a musical group deeply committed to the causes of equality, autonomy, and liberation. We believe in the principles of libertarian socialism, and seek to work for a better tomorrow.

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