Nefarious Notions

by The People's Ensemble



released June 13, 2016

Gumbo Johnson - vocals
Greyson Davison - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Backup Vocals (track 1), Drums (track 1, right speaker)
Austin Covell - drums, Bb Clarinet
Jason Russo - Bb Clarinet (tracks 1,3)
Eric Spencer - Bb Trumpet



all rights reserved


The People's Ensemble Boston, Massachusetts

The People's Ensemble is a musical group deeply committed to the causes of equality, autonomy, and liberation. We believe in the principles of libertarian socialism, and seek to work for a better tomorrow.

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Track Name: Armastus
(sung vocals)
Oh my love! The summer time is here and now all our problems are gone
Let's go and spend our parents money, after all, who really needs a job?
Why should I care about the world? After all, that isn't very fun.
Let's just do the things only we want and worry about them when we are done.

these verses lit for certain yours is quotidian live and learn from quoting my shit these kids might as well open my lid

but its hopeless once you start splitting the profits to quotients the falsest prophet you noticed just bit this flow from ellie cope and is still going in rolling in rhythms hotter than stolen whips and get the written dripping when the needle drops locked in place lost in spaced often based

spinning webs with webster

step and get netted spent lettuce on his cigarette its like a death sentence
then seven strips of acid had them licking tabs and tripping drastic kicking raps in past tense and flicking ash in trash bins
flash is down for stacking cabbages not on the backs but in the baskets of masses across the atlases
and this track has been killing fascists faster than a rat in a trap could get its back snapped
and its tragic that theres static in this system but hes glad about it
tragic that theres static in this system but we're glad about it.....
rugged rips and rug burns under his slippers slip his scissor tongue in ritalin rhythms while drinking fifths in missing sinking ships and twists spliffs to catch a squinted glimpse or rigor for a minute as the clock ticks ticks ticks
thru all the nuissance obnoxious he's stupid with lost wits smooth rock to the movements of boston but this crew just got caught slobbering their blotter with a pocketful of sox tix rocketing at mach six
split swishers and slit gizzards to stop the lizard bitches in the middle of their plot twists i got this
flash's raps is sick as surgeries or turning nurseries to murder scenes
word to jesus burning rappers in the third degree just to stir the leaves stir the leaves like burning trees until it hurts to breathe
tipping bourbon liters in a prius while he's merging all these words with beats the urgent search for currencies
went broke then entered it thats burglary the kid with murderous steeze might mercilessly verbally hurt em n leave em bleeding like a sea of burgundy that compliments his supper perfectly
Track Name: Cauldron
and i think he's on the brink of spilling

bubbling cauldron suddenly lost in subtleties he tossed in and crossed with his malt liquor when the plot thicker than emulsion on his negative charged with several felonies for just embellishing bars and melodies plenty speech tethered to any beat across the seven seas let it breathe

then its open season open logic open reason broken phonics broken promises cope with treason ellie cope presents the east we're soaked with heathens wrote with three pens
this verse a trinity sinnin beast lucipher is kickin with his ministries
sippin steaming coffee with a bit of cream
sitting on the T and spitting wicked vivid imagery
spillin liters and jim beam and steel beams is melting his grilled cheese still scheming to kill demons and chills greet him every time he breathes his gills bleeding fish food for thought this aquarium's broken
with nefarious notions